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About Us

We are Ztudio 925 and we are excited about dancing to be fit.

the Best Zumba® studio in Concord

Our hope is that our classes can not only help you reach your fitness goals but also foster amazing friendships with folks from all walks of life who are connected by the desire to dance in a fun atmosphere where only good vibes are allowed!

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Best Instructors

With fresh music and choreography, our instructors combine all elements of fitness–cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, you will experience a dose of awesome each time.


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Clean Installations

We push you in your workouts, and pamper you everywhere else. Ours is a Clean, spa-like environment designed to soothe, relax and be in a clean-safe environment.

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We’re not just a studio, we’re a place to come together, where members can connect and socialize with other fitness-minded individuals, in a safe-clean atmosphere


Ztudio925 was founded on the principle that we can enrich our member’s lives through fitness. We believe that fitness goes beyond physical appearance and is critical to improving one’s quality of life. Whether it be recreational activities or just the day to day activities of life, fitness can lead to an increase in physical and mental performance, reduction in pain/injury and increase in energy/mental focus. We also believe that dancing is substantially more beneficial than just ‘working out.’



Our Gallery

Take a close look… you might be in our gallery!

Our Team

At Ztudio925 our team of certified Zumba instructors design routines to help you achieve your goals.

Alicia Boyde

Alicia Boyde


Jake Plotter

Jake Plotter


Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman


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05 PM – 7:30 PM


9 AM – 11:30 AM



(925) 330-9504



1635 Challenge Dr (behind “Sky High Sports)
Concord, CA