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“Como Antes”

Zumba choreo by Beatriz Vela


Zumba Lover, Web Gig

If you want a heart-pumping workout that’s also a lot of fun, Zumba might be just the class for you. It’s a Latin-inspired fitness dane class that shows you how to get your heart rate up while having fun at the same time.

However, standard Zumba classes don’t necessarily build muscles while you’re grooving to the music, and it’s important to incorporate weights into your regular workouts. For those who’d like a little more strength-training, there’s Zumba Toning. Zumba Toning keeps Zumba’s essence while focusing on strength training the arms, abs and thighs.

In this video you will see Beatriz Vela using Zumba Toning Sticks while Rissa and Alex Amor does a Zumba Fitness version, come and join our great Zumba instructors at 1635 Challenge Dr Concord, CA

We have clean Installations, free parking lot, great customer service, industrial A/C, pro sound system


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