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Zumba lover / Web gig

Have you tried Zumba Toning before? would you like to burn more calories dancing to your favorite songs and at the same time toning your body with light weights, no more than 3lbs??

That’s Zumba toning !!

It’s an incredible format that by adding light weights to your dance routine improves the cardiovascular performance and tones and strengthens the muscles of the body such as thighs, abdomen, arms and buttocks.

In this demonstration our Zins Roberto Llamas and Beatriz Vela are dancing the song “Mayores”. They are dancing the same choreography but in two different formats, Roberto in traditional Zumba and Beatriz in Zumba Toning.

If you do not like weights, it’s fine, you can use your body weight.

I invite you to try this format. Once you begin to see the changes in your body, you will fall in love with Toning, as I have.
Join us : Tuesdays: 6:15pm @ztudio925
Saturdays: 11:30 am

“Lose yourself in the music Find yourself in shape.”

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